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Review & Detailed Information on Sandals Dunn’s River - Jamaica

Sandals Dunn’s River is known as being one of the most iconic resorts in the heart of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. This historic resort was recently upgraded, remodeled and transformed by the Sandals company into being one of the most beautiful all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean.

Resort Vibe

Initial Impression: Incredible Views, Romantic, Smaller more intimate resort. Amazing customer service.

FAQs with Sandals Dunn’s River Resort

Where exactly is the Sandals Dunn’s River resort located?

Located about the center of the North shore in Jamaica, the Sandals Dunn’s River resort is in Saint Ann. Saint Ann is one of the largest parishes in Jamaica and a renowned home to natural and historical attractions including the famed Dunn’s River. In this location you are close to exploring the Green Grotto caves to swimming with dolphins at Dolphin cove. Sandals Dunn’s river is just 1 hour north of Kingston, 1 hour 36 minutes east of Montego Bay, and only 16 minutes west of Ocho Rios.

What airport do I fly into for the Sandals Dunn’s River resort?

Sandals Dunn’s river resort offers flight service from the Montego Bay, Jamaica (MBJ) airport and the Kingston Jamaica airport (KIN). It is highly recommended you notify Sandals of what airport and what time you will be arriving. Sandals is one of the ONLY all-inclusive resorts where the transportation from the airport to the resort is included with your stay.

When I land at the airport in Jamaica, what do I do?

Sandals has a welcome lounge at both the Montego Bay and the Kingston airport. You’ll want to grab your bags and make your way to the welcome lounge where you will be greeted with a cool beverage, some snacks, and friendly Sandal’s staff. They will organize your luggage for you and let you know when your driver is there to take you to your resort.

Do I tip the driver for airport transportation?

Tipping at Sandals resorts is not allowed, to the point where they wear buttons that say, no tips please and the staff can get into trouble for taking tips. BUT when it comes to the transportation and excursion services (and Butlers), these are contracted services. So it is OKAY to tip the person driving and moving your luggage with the transportation service.

No tippin!?! It sounds extreme that the staff will get into trouble if I tip them. How do they take care of their staff?

Sandals is known for being one of the best companies to work for in the Caribbean Islands. The best thing you can do to reward a staff member is to write about them on the Sandals app, the Loop. This is how staff members get recognized by management and the company as a whole.

I have a Butler room, do I tip my Butler?

Yes, the Butlers are the only employees that are allowed to take tips. Between $20 to $40 per day is recommended. You will have 2 butlers that will be taking care of you throughout your stay. You can tip them differently if you prefer depending on how much you used or enjoyed their services, and generally you’ll give the tips at the end of your stay.

Sandals Has an App? How do I get it?

On an Apple or Google Play device you’ll want to Search Sandals And Beaches Resorts. Or see more information here on the website

When I get to the Sandal’s Dunn’s River resort, what can I expect?

When you first get to the resort, you will be greeted by a Sandals staff member, handed a cool towel, a refreshing drink and you will be guided to check in.

How is the Sandals Dunn's River Resort laid out?

This is not a very large resort. Coyaba Sky Villa swim-up Rondoval Butler Suites with private pool sanctuary are towards the back of the property. These are great for those looking for privacy with a slice of pool time.

The Tufa Terrace One Bedroom Suites are located towards the front right of the property (in the image they are in the lower right) and have fantastic views of the ocean and overlook the main swimming pool area.

The Mammee Bay rooms are in the upper left part of the resort, (in the image they are in the upper right) these rooms are the closest to the ocean front.

What kind of Restaurants are at Sandals Dunn’s River resort?

There are a variety of resorts at the Sandals Dunns river resort ranging from Greek, French, Italian, to a rum bar and Pizzeria. To see the full list of restaurants and the type of food offered click this link.

Do the Restaurants require reservations?

Only the L’ Amande requires reservations. To book a reservation you can go to the reservation desk or you can let your Butler know and they will make the reservation for you.

Reservations Not Required: Saltaire (International), Edessa (Greek), Cascata (Italian), Banyu (asian Fusion), Zuka(Latin Fusion), Dunn’s Rum Club, Galene (Seaside Grill), Isola (Pizzeria), Blum (Coffee Shop), Hanami (Sushi), The Jerk Shack (Caribbean).

Reservations Required: L’Amande (French)

What kind of beverages are served at Sandals Dunn’s River?

There are a lot of great options to pick from when it comes to beverages. From custom smoothies and mocktails to a custom Twin Oaks premium house wine, liquor selection, and Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum. All which are included in your stay at the all-inclusive resort.

Also the coffee is the Jamaican BLue Mountain Blend coffee that possesses an unmatched superior flavor. You can purchase the coffee at the resort to take home. This is an item we love to purchase for holiday gifts and come in a small and large size.

Are there other dining options?

Yes, Sandals does offer a private dinner for two on the beach, in a garden or on your terrace. You will have a dedicated waiter that will serve you a multi course dinner. This is a very romantic experience and it is about a 2 hour meal experience. We do not recommend this for guests that are restless and like to get in and get out with their meal services.

Does Sandals Dunn’s River resort have room service?

Yes! All of the Sandals resorts offer room service. You will have a menu and the hours available in your room. If you need to have an early meal ready and delivered before a morning excursion, you can place the order the evening before so the kitchen knows to have it ready on time and delivered to your room.

Does Sandals Dunn’s River have free wifi?

Yes, there is free Wifi in room and all common areas.

What activities are included at the Sandals Dunn’s River resort?

All of your water sports will be included, like snorkeling, scuba diving, in addition to other land sports like beach volleyball, tennis, pickleball, and more.

You are welcome to use any pool, (except for private room pools) Sandals resorts do not have special pools or pool areas for “member” guests.

There is also a full sized work out gym with state-of-the-art equipment.

Is there Golfing at Sandals Dunn’s River?

There is not an on property golf course. Guests who wish to golf have a free roundtrip transfer service to the nearby Sandals Golf & Country club. This trip is a 25 minute trip and the course is located in Ocho Rios. Complementary golf clinics are hosted weekly and green fees are included with your Sandals vacation stay.

Important! One very big thing to note is that Golf Carts & Caddies are required to play this course, but not included. For updated fees and additional services you can find more information Here.

Is Scuba Diving free at Sandals Dunn’s River?

Yes, Sandals and Beaches resorts have the BEST SCUBA diving program out of any resort on this planet. If you are SCUBA certified, all you need to do is signup and then show up. Sandals takes care of the rest.

Most resorts have 1 to 2 dives a day ranging in depths from 20 to 100 feet. All equipment is provided or you are welcome to bring your own if you would like. Additional wreck dives and night dives are available and most Sandals Resorts do have an additional fee and person count. You usually need at least 6 people to also sign up for the dive.

If you are not SCUBA certified, you can get certified through Sandals. Sandals has one of the most comprehensive and easy to complete certification programs. For more information go here.

What kind of off-site excursions are offered?

There is a wide range of activities that are offered from Sandals Dunn’s River. When you get to the resort you can visit the Island Routes desk or you can book your excursion online before you go.

These are not included with the resort and do have a price. Each activity varies in price, so either make sure to check online before you go or you can ask at the Island Routes desk.

Does the Sandals Dunn’s River resort have a spa?

Yes and it’s heavenly. The Red Lane Spas are a Caribbean-inspired experience set to rejuvenate your body. Massages and offerings are updated periodically, so make sure to stop in and see the most recent spa services when you arrive.

Spa services are not included with your stay, but usually if you book with a travel agency and host an event with your friends, it’s an easy way to get some spa credit! If you would like to learn more, call or text 208 Travel Agency at (208) 241-4845.

What other vacation add-ons are offered?

One additional item is the photo session. Sandals does offer a FREE 20 minute photo session, you can book a time and day and then get some great professional photos to capture your vacation memories. Afterwards you can purchase the photos in the photo shop if you would like or if you don’t like them, you are not obligated to purchase them.

Do you have any packing hacks or recommendations on what to bring?

Yes, but that is in a blog post of its own. To read about what we recommend to packs that isn't the usual bathing suit and outdoor clothes, Click Here.

Are there any specials going on right now for Sandals Dunn’s River resort?

Sandals offer different specials throughout the year. To see what specials are being offered right now you can find them HERE.

Check out more great pictures of the Sandals Dunn's River resort.

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