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Traveling with dietary restrictions.

Couples and families love travel but need to adhere to a strict diet due to religious requirements, allergies, or just a bad history with a flavor tend to believe that they are limited on where they can travel. With Sandals and Beaches 5-Star Global gourmet program they are able to take the stress out of any dietary restrictions.

During the booking process 208 Travel Agency is able to communicate dietary restrictions to the Executive Chef of your resort. This is just the first step in ensuring the resort will be prepared to handle anything from Kosher, Gluten Free, Shell Fish, or any other dietary restrictions or food allergy.

Upon arrival at the resort, near each lobby, is a Culinary Concierge that will be able to help guide you through the menu items and any

concerns at each of the on site locations. Additionally, they will be able to assist with making any reservations or provide menus of each of the Global Gourmet restaurants at the resort.

Strict Kosher meal requirements will take additional time to ensure the resort is prepared. During this process the longer time period the resort has the better prepared they will be for your arrival.

Each food server has received training that ensures they adhere to the requirements of each guest. Before each meal starts, every server will ask "Are there any food allergies?". This is yet another layer to ensure guests will receive a meal that meets their expectations. Each kitchen is equipped with designated preparation station for modified orders, and special ingredients. The Chef at the restaurant will prepare the order and bring it to the table personally ensuring there is no cross contamination or any confusion on the meal preparation.

Examples we have helped with are securing gluten free birthday cakes, strict Kosher meals, and even making sure you can enjoy the desserts. Here is a video of how the process works! Click Here

Whether you are looking to cut out some ingredients or need to adhere to a strict menu. Sandals and Beaches team of dedicated Chef's will be able to ensure you have any amazing time and are able to enjoy everything from appetizers to dessert at EVERY meal. If you have more questions please call us at 208-241-4845 or email us at and our staff will be able to work with you to address any concerns.

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