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Sandals Royal Curacao: The Oohs and Aahs of their newest resort

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

There isn't much that matches the excitement of a new resort! Especially when the new resort is a new destination AND has some of the most innovative features of the entire Sandals resort chain.

Sandals Royal Curacao is located on the Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao along the Spanish Water Bay. The resort features 350 rooms and suites, including the Awa Seaside Bungalows with private pools. While the resort is not open yet (April 2022) we wanted to showcase the most exciting features we can't wait to experience.

1. Awa Seaside Bungalows with Private Pools

While the Over the Water Bungalows have been the crown jewel of the Sandals Resorts, these new rooms aim to take the thrown as coolest and most sought after. These seaside bungalows have all the

features discerning guests have come to expect from a premium Caribbean vacation. Every bungalow features a private infinity pool, personal butler service, sun deck, sun loungers, bistro sets for two, and all the interior luxury appointments. Between the location, view, and the 24 hour room service, these rooms will soon be a favorite at Sandals Resorts.

2. Floating Restaurant

We can add this to my ever expanding list of things that we

didn't know we needed. Sandals Royal Curacao is introducing its first ever floating restaurant: The Duchess. Guests will be able to wine and dine on a ship that is anchored at the resort. This dining experience will be able to not only host couples in love, but will also be able to host events, groups, or wedding parties. Once opened we are sure this will be a instant "Insta Worthy" location on the resort with an amazing menu of Global 5-Star gourmet food. It's all of the romance of a ocean dining experience without the motion sickness and life jacket drills.

3. Sandals Cars to use

Again, this is a first for Sandals Resorts. For guests staying in the Kurason Island Suites and Awa Seaside Bungalows,

included with your room is a Mini Cooper. That's Right, Sandals Royal Curacao is handing the keys of a sporty Sandals wrapped Mini Cooper over so guests can go explore the island. This is probably the first time we have ever been excited to drive a Mini Cooper! Although the promotional photos have the car on the beach, we are guessing there will be some fairly strict rules on the use of them. But we don't care, we get a car included with our reservation!

4. Two Level Infinity Pool

What is better than having an infinity pool to relax and float in? TWO INFINITY POOLS! We are glad that Sandals Resorts

listened to our random improvement thoughts and introduced a two level infinity pool concept to Sandals Royal Curacao. Over looking the azure waters that surround the resort the pools will become a quick guest favorite for lounging. This should also be a great location for taking those social media photos to make everyone back home jealous. Not that we would ever encourage that.

5. Natural Salt-Water Ocean-Fed Pool

So how did this make our top list of Ooh and Aahs for Sandals Royal Curacao? Well, its simple, there are some of use that have sensitive skin and no amount of after pool showering and lotion will prevent us from getting itchy and unhappy skin after a few hours in a pool. These are not things that are typically associated with the stories of how great your Caribbean vacation went. This is why we are so excited for this new pool! Cut into the rocks along the shoreline, the natural salt-water pool features a sand bottom and is fed naturally by the ocean. Most resorts make you pay extra for a salt water pool in their spa, this one will allow everyone to relax and enjoy a natural pool.

This is our top 5, what is yours? Leave a comment, call us at 208-241-4845 or email us directly at

If you are interested in learning more about a Sandals Royal Curacao All Inclusive vacation, hit the button below to explore the resort or make a reservation

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