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Birthdays are better on an island

So I am not saying that my friends and I are suffering through a mid life crisis. I am just saying that I am about half way done with my statistical life expectancy and I am beginning to reflect a bit. This all started when my wife and I had a conversation about how one of her long time girlfriends turning 40 this year. Suddenly, we now are consumed with reflection and a sudden urge to reach out to friends that we have not seen in a while.

After long conversations on the phone and via text messaging apps, we decided we all needed to meet up and celebrate the big milestone birthdays! Naturally the conversations turned to where to celebrate. The issue we had was everyone was spread out all over the US, so there was no natural way to meet up. This is when we all decided to use this as an excuse for a beach Vacation! What better way for everyone to have a stress free vacation and celebrate a major milestone then meeting up at Sandals Resorts! These were our reasons why!

  1. Unlimited Drinks for a week is better than a cake! Seriously, everyone knows that calories consumed on vacation don't count. So we are taking advantage of all the rum runners, Ice Burgs,

Sandals All Inclusive Drinks
Ice Burgs - Frozen Margarita on top of Red Stripe Draft beer

and Red Strip beer we want. For those in the group with a more sophisticated palette, they have that too! The best part is after a night together at the piano bar, no one is stuck with the bar tab and tip.

Everyone just gets to enjoy the best part of the night, without waking up the next morning with wallet remorse! Click here to learn more about the premium spirits at Sandals resorts.

2. Groups traveling together to celebrate a milestone birthday get to take advantage of offers of free private cocktail receptions, free professional photos, free private group dinners, and other celebration options. Show up and Sandals

Resorts takes care of the rest with the luxury guests have come to expect with a Sandals Vacation. Some amazing celebrations that can be added on are: S'Mores on the beach, beach bonfires, dance parties complete with DJs, and other group activities that will make it a memorable birthday. Click her for more group activity information

3. Why do the same thing again? Taking a trip to any one of the many islands that feature a Sandals or Beaches resort is going to be so much more! Everyone has had the dinners at the

birthday persons favorite restaurant, take it up a notch with Sushi Appetizers on a white sand beach followed by a Wagyu steak dinner. And because it is Sandals, no one gets stuck with the bill at the end of the night. Click here to learn more about the restaurant options on each Sandals resort.

The bottom line is birthdays are more fun on an island! Let Sandals take care of your birthday celebration. We will even make sure you get a cake on the big day to make sure the birthday is something you will talk about for years!

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